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IHI Ionbond launches new coating that inhibits bacterial growth

13 July 2021

Ionbond introduces a new coating with widespread usefulness in the medical and decorative world for end-consumer use: the first coating to inhibit bacterial colonization and growth. This new coating will be available as part of the Ionbond Medical portfolio under the trade name Medthin 04, and in the Ionbond Deco & Sport segment as Barrion, in the color ‘Beach’. The new coating combines antimicrobial properties with high wear resistance and chemical stability, making it ideal to mitigate the spread of microbes on medical instruments as well as on items for everyday use.

Meeting the needs of medical professionals
Inhibiting the microbial burden on medical instruments and hospital hardware is an important next step to increase safety and comfort. The Medthin 04 coating's antimicrobial properties and biocompatibility have successfully been tested according to ISO 22196 and ISO 10993 (parts 5, 10 and 11), respectively.

And bring a unique decorative look to consumers
The new Barrion coating comes in the color ‘Beach’, an elegant color that matches the latest interior trends while meeting the needs of a health-conscious society. Ionbond is proud to offer the new coating on sanitary, building hardware and other decorative PVD coating applications as part of the most comprehensive decorative PVD coating portfolio on the market.

For more information about the availability of this coating near you, please contact Ron Dielis at for decorative and Antonio Santana at for medical applications.