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IHI Ionbond Inc (USA) installs large coating capacity for DLC and Medthin™ 01 TiN, offering the latest technology for coatings in the medical industry

28 January 2018

IHI Ionbond Inc is pleased to announce a new investment in PVD/PACVD coating equipment as well as new cleaning facilities in their remodeled, ISO 13485 qualified coating center in Rockaway New Jersey, USA.

Dr. A. Santana, Global Head of Medical Segment said: “The investment in larger scale new generation equipment enables Ionbond to continue leading the medical market where we develop, qualify and sell biocompatible grades of PVD and DLC coatings as well as making available large scale production of Medthin™ 01 TiN for Orthopedic Implants.”
Medthin™ 01 TiN has been in the market for 20 years, demonstrating clinical safety and providing benefits for metal sensitive patients by limiting wear and reducing metal-ion release. Medthin™ 01 TiN generation II provides even smoother coatings and higher volume coating potential in order to address fast growing markets.

Medthin™ 40, 41 and 42 DLC coatings are biocompatible and can be applied on surgical instruments manufactured in 420 or 440 stainless steel series as well as on Ti-alloys or other metals where surfaces require high chemical resistance, high fracture toughness as well as abrasion resistance. The colors of the Medthin™ DLC coatings range from dark gray to black, offering good performance as antireflection coatings, similar to the Medthin™ 20 AlTiN coating.

Prof. Dr. Gerry van der Kolk, CEO of the Ionbond Group, stated: “It is in the medical orthopedic industry where our coatings have the most impact on people’s lives. The medical segment will continue to develop in the Ionbond group as we strive to provide the best coatings for implants, envisaging that implants become safer and last longer, bringing benefits to patients and health care
providers alike.”

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