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Extend the lifetime of your fuel cell system with Ionbond

15 December 2021

Electrification of passenger cars and heavy transport vehicles is a trend that shows no sign of stopping, providing a wealth of opportunity for enterprising businesses. Ionbond’s protective carbon coatings can help you work towards the hydrogen fuel cell longevity and power you are looking for.
Our fully equipped production site in Venlo (the Netherlands) and the new, state-of-the-art coating facility in Wuxi (China) are ready to work with you and scale with your demand. Ionbond has been actively serving the hydrogen fuel cell industry for years with high quality standards. The sites in Venlo and Wuxi are both IATF16949 certified.

A proven solution for fuel cell quality
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells that use stainless steel for their many bipolar plates and current collectors require a good coating to resist corrosion and maintain electrical conductivity. Ionbond carbon coatings are currently used in many types of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty applications.

Joris Ummels, Global Sales Manager New Energy Applications: “We are recognized for our level of expertise in serving this challenging market. We are currently extending our carbon coating portfolio to other new energy applications that require similar lifetime improvements.”

Ready to meet your specific requirements and growth targets
The Ionbond centers in Venlo and Wuxi have the production capacity required to swiftly scale in this growth market. In addition, their engineering teams have the R&D capabilities to work with you to develop the coating solution that fits your application. Our testing capabilities, for instance interfacial contact resistance (ICR) and corrosion testing, enable us to work on optimized coating processes for your specific application.

Mr. Zhenyu Zhang, China Market Sales Engineer: “Applying carbon coatings to bipolar plates has been a smooth adoption in our new Wuxi facility. We benefited from our years of experience of applying carbon based coatings in the automotive field.”

Would you like to know more?
Contact our Global Sales Manager New Energy Applications, Joris Ummels at or our China Market Sales Engineer, Zhenyu Zhang at