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Coating solutions for food contact - Interview with Dr. Antonio Santana

06 April 2021

In the growing food processing industry, the right coating can make an enormous difference. The increased lifetime of coated products, including increased surface performance, safety and reduced maintenance, is of course of tremendous value when it comes to competitiveness and cost efficiency. But Ionbond™ food contact coatings can offer even more. Antonio Santana, Global Segment Manager Medical & Food, discusses the benefits of hard coatings in food processing.

An important contribution to food-contact safety
When you think about food processing, the idea of food-contact surface performance and safety is never far away. Everyone can remember occasions where entire batches of a certain product had to be recalled because of contamination or presence of toxic elements, sometimes released from the substrate materials.

Antonio: “Ionbond™ food contact coatings are inert and designed to be very safe. Not only has their integrity been proven in the tool, industrial components and medical industries, they’re food contact approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. That comes with very strict testing: for biocompatibility, migration, wear, dissolution and adhesion to substrate, and not just under a single condition but several.”

Another benefit of Ionbond™ food contact coatings is that they make it easier to maintain good food safety standards. For instance, by making the coated surfaces much easier to keep clean.

Increased productivity on many levels
The four FDA-TOR-approved Ionbond™ coatings are a titanium nitride (TiN) coating, a chromium nitride (CrN) coating, a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and an amorphous DLC (ADLC) coating. Antonio: “Regardless of their chemical makeup, they all have many of the same benefits when it comes to increasing longevity and productivity. The chemical stability and abrasion resistance of the hard Ionbond coatings™ increase the general lifetime of tools and components.”

Interesting for applications where no lubrication oil can be used, such as in liquid pumps or milling, grinding or extrusion tools, is that coatings can make low-lubrication environments much less of an issue. In addition, their anti-sticking properties and increased ease of cleaning reduce the time spent on maintenance of food-contact components.

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Ionbond food contact coatings

  • Ionbond 01 TiN, high hardness and abrasion resistance, especially suitable for food cutting tools.
  • Ionbond 30 CrN, high ductility and high hardness and great resistance to deformation without cracking; suitable for food contact components and flexible cutting blades.
  • Ionbond 42 DLC, low friction, high scratch resistance and high load carrying capacity; suitable for food contact applications under high mechanical pressure and without lubrication.
  • Ionbond 43 ADLC, high hardness and deformation capacity without cracking; especially suitable for anti-sticking applications even without lubrication, such as flexible cutting blades and food contact components.