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19 September 2023

AuroraX Plus: new versatile coating for a wide range of cutting applications

Have you been looking for a superior tool coating for difficult-to-cut materials? Look no further! Ionbond's new AuroraX Plus coating offers the performance you need in both wet and dry conditions, making it a great all-round tool coating.
AuroraX Plus: new versatile coating for a wide range of cutting applications

Ionbond is proud to introduce the new AuroraX Plus coating, for superior performance in a broad range of cutting applications in both wet and dry conditions. AuroraX Plus offers proven improved tool lifetime and outstanding performance, especially in machining of difficult-to-cut materials.

Many of today’s innovations are made possible by clever use of these difficult-to-machine materials: Inconel alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, hardened materials, stainless steel, and more. They are increasingly sought after for new advanced component designs in markets such as aerospace and automotive, which are continuously innovating. With AuroraX Plus, you now have access to a coating that makes machining them easier and more productive.

Cutting Tools coated with AuroraX Plus

Cutting Tool applications coated with AuroraX Plus

Ready for a new, great all-rounder coating?

AuroraX Plus provides high performance for various cutting operations and is suitable for end mills, drills, inserts, stick blades, skiving tools, hobs and more. The coating has shown great results for machining at different cutting speeds and feed that suit a wide range of materials, including high-speed cutting (HSC), high-performance cutting (HPC) and interrupted cutting. This is due to several improved properties of the coating, a result of its multilayer architecture with a optimized nanocomposite structure.

The result is a coating with:

  • optimized stress profile
  • combined high hardness and toughness of the cutting edge, to withstand the forces of demanding processes such as interrupted machining of hard materials
  • high abrasion and erosion wear resistance
  • higher hot hardness, suitable for workpiece materials above 52 HRC at temperatures above 1100°C
  • improved anti-stick characteristics that improve performance and successfully suppress built-up edge formation during machining of difficult materials like Ti alloys and stainless steels
  • low thermal conductivity to protect the tool, which is especially critical for gear-cutting applications under dry conditions, where stick blades and skiving tools are exposed to high temperatures
  • low friction for efficient chip evacuation and smoother machining
More about AuroraX Plus

Because machining can span such a wide range of difficult applications, cutting tools are exposed to extreme conditions. A universal coating that performs both in dry and wet conditions is a critical step forward. With its optimum composition and tailored coating architecture, AuroraX Plus provides excellent properties to withstand these dry and wet conditions.

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Tested to customer satisfaction in a range of applications

“I’m happy to say that we’ve successfully tested this coating with key customers worldwide for drilling, milling and bevel gear cutting applications,” says Kalpak Shaha, Global Segment Manager Cutting Tools. “Our customers have been satisfied and enthusiastic about AuroraX Plus, finding it an improvement in performance compared to existing coatings.”

Lim Sang-Won, Country Manager South Korea, adds: “An important benefit of the new Ionbond AuroraX Plus coating is that tools can be reground and recoated. This makes it a sustainable choice for many applications. AuroraX Plus has excellent performance on tools ranging from microtools to inserts to big hobs over various hardness levels of the workpiece, in dry and wet conditions and in machining applications where high abrasion resistance is required. Not to mention, the rainbow color looks great!”

Interested in AuroraX Plus for your application? It’s already in production in several Ionbond plants. Please contact Kalpak Shaha through our below contact form for sampling.

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Dr. Kalpak Shaha

Dr. Kalpak Shaha

Global Segment Manager Cutting Tools

+31 646 22 58 32 [email protected]

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