Human Resources

A company is as good as its employees. Therefore, we select our employees carefully and put all our competence in recruiting the best.

For us, the best people are those who can put visions into practice, have a pioneering spirit, are creative, have clear goals and a desire to make things happen. Those qualities add up to the employee who drives the development of our products and services and the intelligent design of Ionbond’s overall production processes.

In order to meet our costumers’ increasing expectations in terms of quality, price and product innovation, we continuously develop our employees’ technical and managerial intelligence and competence as well as their personal strength and potential. We promote a collaborative and mutually supportive environment where each and every employee contributes to our overall success daily. While maintaining a constant high level of expectations, we treat our employees with respect and dignity.

We are convinced that this is the environment that motivates our employees most and that turns all our efforts into the benefit of our customers.

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