The Surface Engineers

Medthin™ 65 Ti

A reference for cell attachment

Medthin™ 65 Ti is a metallic PVD coating with chemical properties and a morphology that is suitable for cell on growth. Ionbond’s proprietary coating process can reach surface roughness in the range of Ra 1- 3 µm or more, depending on the requirements.

Medthin™ 65 Ti is applied on the bone contact side of implants where it is deposited over porous CoCr beads to create a cell attachment surface.

Medthin™ 65 Ti can also be coated onto substrate materials like PEEK or PEKK with very good adhesion properties of over 20MPa.

Medthin™ 65 Ti PVD is a denser and thinner coating than typical VPS-Ti coatings and has the advantage of generating virtually no debris.

Technical data  
Material Ti
Coating thickness 2 - 20 μm
Service Temp. 200 °C
Deposition Temp. 150 - 180 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 n/a
Deposition method PVD arc
Friction vs. steel, dry n/a
Color titanium