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Plastic injection molding

Tools used in plastic injection molding are subject to abrasion from glass filled polymers or other composite materials, sliding friction during processing or ejection, corrosion from resins or physical damage from routine handling. Ionbond™ PVD and PACVD coatings possess the toughness, abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosive attack and low friction in order to improve the productivity of these tools.

  • Mold Cavities
  • Cores
  • Ejectors
  • Runner Systems
  • Feed Screws
  • Sprue Bushings and Gates

Ionbond™ 01, Ionbond™ 10, Ionbond™ 20 and Ionbond™ 50 are coatings that withstand abrasion particularly well. Ionbond™ 40, Ionbond™ 41, Ionbond™ 43, and Ionbond™ 62 are ideal for reduced friction on ejector pins, for molds with high surface quality requirements and applications where improved release is required.

Plastic film extrusion

Film extrusion of plastics like PVC pose unique challenges to tools. The corrosive outgassing of the resin attacks the traditionally chrome plated tools, causing production stoppages. Ionbond™ PVD coatings offer protection from corrosive attack and increase tool productivity.

Ionbond™ 30, Ionbond™ 35, and Ionbond™ 50 are coatings recommended for tools for plastic film extrusion and other molding applications where corrosive attack by outgassing resins occurs.

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