The Surface Engineers

High strength material forming

The high forming pressures and resulting friction present in high strength material forming pose unique challenges for tools and coatings to withstand.

  • Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steels (HSLA)
  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium and Nickel Alloys

Ionbond™ 90 Concept, a new, high performance PVD coating that does not require nitriding is ideal for these applications. Alternatively, Ionbond™ 22, Ionbond™ 25, Ionbond™ 30, or Ionbond™ 62, all in combination with nitriding, are suitable coatings for tools with tight tolerances. Bernex™ 02, and Bernex™ 62 are ideal for tools with open tolerances.

Non-ferrous material forming

Non- ferrous materials generally exhibit better formability than steels. However, non-ferrous materials also exhibit a tendency to stick to the tool’s surface.

  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Pre-plated or coated materials

Ionbond™ 10, Ionbond™ 30, and Ionbond™ 62 are coatings for tools forming copper alloys, pre plated and coated materials. Ionbond™ 41, Ionbond™ 42 and Ionbond™ 43 are the preferred coatings for aluminum alloy forming.

Cold forging

Cold forging is a family of forming processes in which a slug of material with a defined volume is formed into an intricately shaped part of exactly the same volume. Tools used in these processes are subject to high forces applied at high rates, which results in abrasive and adhesive wear on the surfaces in contact with the work piece.

  • Cold Heading
  • Swaging
  • Impact Extrusion
  • Orbital Forming

Ionbond™ 90 Concept, Ionbond™ 01, Ionbond™ 10, Ionbond™ 22, Ionbond™ 25 and Ionbond™ 62 are coatings suited for cold forging applications with tight tolerance tools. Bernex™ 02, Bernex™ 10, Bernex™ 62, Ionbond™ 22 and Ionbond™ 25 are ideal for cold forging applications with open tolerance steel tools or carbide tool materials.

Powdered metal compaction

Improving the performance of tools used in powdered metal compaction operations requires reducing the abrasive wear on the tools induced by the powder and reducing the frictional wear caused by the ejection of the compacted part.

Ionbond™ 90 Concept, Ionbond™ 10, Ionbond™ 30, Ionbond™ 42 and Ionbond™ 62 are coatings recommended for powder metal compaction.