The Surface Engineers

Ionbond™ 50 B4C

PVD coating for metalforming and injection molding

Ionbond™ 50’s high hardness, wear resistance, and galling resistance make Ionbond™ 50 a high performing product in blanking, trimming, piercing, and forming of non-ferrous alloys and plastic injection molding applications involving glass or fiber filled resins. Its smoothness, toughness, and thermal stability also make it a good solution for ejector pins, and squeeze pins used in die casting applications.

The coating structure and density of Ionbond™ 50 make it a good candidate for plastic injection molding applications where corrosive attack from outgassing resins, such as PVC and PPS, occurs. Combining Ionbond™ 50 with a smooth pre-coat polish in these application will maximize its performance.

Ionbond™ 50 is deposited at 200 °C. Therefore it is recommended that tool materials be tempered above 250 °C  in order to avoid softening or dimensional changes.

Technical data  
Material B4C
Coating thickness 1 - 3 μm
Service Temp. 800 °C
Deposition Temp. 200 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 3400
Deposition method PVD Sputtering
Friction vs. steel, dry 0.55
Color black