The Surface Engineers

Bernex™ 29 Al2O3

Aluminum oxide coating for high temperature forming applications

Bernex™ 29 Al2O3 is a multi-layered CVD coating engineered to be able to cope with the aggressive conditions present in high temperature forming applications. Bernex™ 29 Al2O3 exhibits excellent thermal stability, chemical inertness, and high wear resistance, which makes it the leading solution for hot extrusion applications for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Additionally, the thermal stability, density, and corrosion resistance of Bernex™ 29 makes it an ideal solution for open tolerance tools used in aluminum casting applications where sticking of aluminum is the primary cause of downtime.

Bernex™ 29 is deposited at 1000 °C. Therefore it is only recommended for tool materials compatible with the CVD process. Dimensional change will occur on tool steel materials coated with Bernex™ 29, so sufficient dimensional tolerances are required to accommodate the expected dimensional change.

  • High thermal stability
  • Low adhesive wear and-or sticking problems
  • Medium impact fatigue resistance
Technical data  
Material α Al2O3, κ Al2O3
Coating thickness 8 - 16 μm
Service Temp. 1000 °C
Deposition Temp. 1000 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 3000
Deposition method CVD
Friction vs. steel, dry < 0.2
Color black-maroon