The Surface Engineers

Bernex™ 10 TiCN

Traditional CVD Coating for use in metal forming applications

Bernex™ 10 is a CVD TiCN coating with a high hardness, good toughness and wear resistance, and a lower coefficient of friction than other CVD coatings like Bernex™ 13. This combination of properties makes Bernex™ 10 a preferred product over Bernex™ 13 for open tolerance tooling used in light to medium metal forming applications involving stainless steels, steel alloys with thicknesses greater than 3 mm, and high strength low alloy (HSLA) materials.

Bernex™ 10 can be deposited between 800 and 1000 °C. Therefore it is only recommended for tool materials compatible with the CVD process. In addition, dimensional change will occur on tool steel materials coated with Bernex™ 10. Therefore, sufficient dimensional tolerances are required to accommodate the expected dimensional change. The broader deposition range for Bernex™ 10, as compared to that for Bernex™ 13 and Bernex™ 02, allow for it to be used on tool materials like S7 or A2, which are not compatible with the deposition process for Bernex™ 13 or Bernex™ 2.

Technical data  
Material TiCN
Coating thickness 6 - 10 μm
Service Temp. 400 °C
Deposition Temp. 800 - 1000 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 2800
Deposition method CVD
Friction vs. steel, dry 0.4
Color grey-bronce