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Aftermarket watch coating

Ionbond offers a coating service for watch customizing from specialized coating centers in France and in the UK. The service includes the Diamondblack™ series of DLC coatings as well as selected and specially conditioned coatings of the Decobond™ series. This service is offered to professional watchmakers and watch customizers who disassemble and re-assemble the watches they wish coated.

The coating centers are equipped and the personnel is trained to handle delicate items like watch cases, crowns, dials, screws etc. A 100% incoming inspection of the parts is conducted in order to ensure that the condition of the surfaces is of suitable quality for coating. The same inspection procedure is carried out at the outgoing inspection to make sure that no defects pass.

Ionbond has developed a process that allows for removing the coating for re-coating in case it becomes defective or if the owner wishes to turn the watch back to its original condition.

Serge Litzler

Product Manager Luxury
Phone: +41 62 287 86 57

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