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Decobond™ PVD coatings on sports and leisure gear

Ionbond’s Decobond™ series of PVD coatings withstand the most challenging environmental conditions from the wet and salt at sea, mud and dirt in outdoor activities to the extreme heat and dryness in the desert.

The large selection of metallic colors and black provides many options for product differentiation. The hypoallergenic feature makes Decobond™ coatings the ideal treatment for surfaces that are in close contact with the user.

The decorative coatings often serve additional purposes: they act as wear-protecting finishes and reduce friction between moving parts to extend the lifetime of the gear.

  • Golf clubs
  • Boat fittings
  • Knives
  • Fishing rods and accessories
  • Sunglass frames
  • Bike components
  • Musical instruments

Ton Hurkmans

Segment Head Deco & Sports
Phone: +1 248 398 9100 x 2254

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