The Surface Engineers

Ionbond™ 01 TiN

TiN multi-purpose coating

Ionbond™ 01 is a multi-purpose coating suited for low and medium cutting speeds.

Variety of standard cutting applications

Ionbond™ 01 TiN is a cost-effective solution designed for HSS tools in a variety of general machining conditions where high-end solutions are not required. Typical applications include drilling, milling and turning of mild steels at cutting speeds below 100 m/min.

Technical data  
Material TiN
Coating thickness 2 - 4 μm
Service Temp. 500 °C
Deposition Temp. 450 - 550 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 2800
Deposition method PVD Arc
Friction vs. steel, dry < 0.5
Color gold