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Bernex™ 10 TiN+Ti(C,N)

Bernex™ 10

Bernex™ 10 is a classic CVD coating for high-volume milling of steels at moderate cutting speeds. Due to TiCN, the coating composition exhibits an exceptionally good wear-resistance. In addition, the very hard coating is, thanks to its TiN finish, very well suited for machining of aluminum.

TiN as a base layer provides exceptional adhesion between the substrate and TiCN as the functional layer and serves as wear indicator. As a top layer, TiN optimizes friction-caused wear and the running-in behavior of the tool, due to its low coefficient of friction.

Bernex™ 10 is applied at ca. 1000 °C and is suited for cemented carbide cutting inserts exclusively.

Technical data  
Material TiN+Ti(C,N)+TiN
Coating thickness 4 - 6 μm
Service Temp. 800 °C
Deposition Temp. 1000 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 2800
Deposition method CVD
Friction vs. steel, dry 0.3
Color gold