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Pushing the limits of performance

Be it F1, Nascar, MotoGP, WRC, DTM, or OSS powerboat, in any motor sport every ounce of weight has to be shaved off. If lightweight and modern materials are stressed to their limits, frictional losses have to be reduced. That is where Ionbond’s low friction and wear reduction Tribobond™ coatings come into the equation.

Friction and wear

The friction in internal combustion engines accounts for around 10 percent of the energy efficiency loss. The primary contribution comes from the piston assembly, valve train and crankshaft. Transmissions lose efficiency when gears are required to move vast amounts of oil for their lubrication.

The application of Ionbond’s Tribobond™ coatings onto a component surface reduces friction, thereby allowing for higher loading densities and lower lubrication requirements. Materials like titanium that tend to suffer from fretting and galling can be used thanks to coatings and surface treatments that offer a low friction coefficient and high hardness while maintaining the core characteristics of the base material.


Ionbond engineers Tribobond™ coatings in collaboration with its customers from the beginning of the design of a component to suit every individual application.

More than just a coating

To achieve optimal performance, Ionbond employs a number of pre- and post-coating surface treatment technologies specifically developed in conjunction with coatings in order to take full advantage of their improved performance.

Franck Derangère

Product Manager Racing
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