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Gas and steam turbines

The performance of a turbine is determined by the energy conversion efficiency in combination with its continuous operation with the lowest downtime caused by servicing and failure of components. Minimizing frictional losses and wear between moving components by means of coating is a measure to extend the lifetime and avoid premature failure of components. Ionbond Tribobond™ coatings reduce friction and increase the temperature and mechanical load capacity of bearings, shafts and other components.

Wind mills

Wind mills are exposed to very challenging environmental conditions with ever changing temperatures, humidity and heavy loads. The bearings and gearboxes are engineered towards years of operation with only minimal servicing. The Tribobond™ series of DLC coatings offer the option to reduce the dimensioning of components as they increase the load carrying capacity of the component material and build in an extra safety margin for an uninterrupted service throughout the lifetime of the installation. Low friction DLC coatings applied on sliding and rolling components reduce the momentum to start up the mill under light wind conditions, increasing the output.

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