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Food processing and pharmaceutical

The requirements put on materials used for equipment and tools in contact with food and drugs, and the limitations for lubrication in the manufacturing processes are ever more stringent. Consequently, the selection of materials is limited which, in many cases, poses engineering challenges. Ionbond’s Tribobond™ series of low friction and wear reduction coatings offer engineering options that meet the requirements for anti-wear, anti-sticking and dry lubrication. The Tribobond™ component coatings are chemically inert and can be used in direct contact with food and drugs.

Abrasive processing conditions

The high hardness of Tribobond™ coatings protect components from wear and avoid wear particle contamination which can occur as materials degrade due to wear as abrasive media is processed. Increased component and tool lifetime results in higher operational efficiencies.

  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Cereals
  • Powders

Anti-sticking requirements

Production issues occur when the media sticks to the processing equipment and tools. Tribobond™ coatings offer low or no sticking properties that ease the flow of the media and reduce the efforts needed for cleaning.

Stainless steel components

The hygiene levels enforced in food and pharmaceutical processing require non corrosive materials and onerous cleaning regimes on equipment and tools in direct contact with media. Tribobond™ DLC coatings applied on components for sliding and rolling motion eliminate the tendency of galling when stainless steels have to be used without lubrication.

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