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Ionbond PVD and PACVD coating processes are environmentally friendly as there are no toxic materials involved and no harmful byproducts left. This makes them ideal alternatives to commonly used electroplating, in particular to hard chroming that leaves poisonous residues.

Hard chromium replacement

Ionbond Tribobond™ PVD coatings exhibit properties that meet or exceed those of hard chromium they replace and can be optimized specifically for each application.

Tribobond™ coatings with a typical thickness of 5–10 microns are much thinner than hard chromium, offer increased hardness, a reduced coefficient of friction and enhanced adhesion with fewer tendencies to crack. Fine features like threads, recesses etc. are maintained.

Unlike with hard chromium plating there is no need to machine back to size, which results in shorter manufacturing time and lower overall component cost.

Solid lubricants

The low friction properties of Tribobond™ DLC coatings enable engineering solutions that reduce or avoid the need for lubrication with oils or grease. The benefit shows in the limited or eliminated need for servicing and the lower consumption of lubricants.

Corrosion barriers

Smart coating solutions can slow down corrosion, which leads to a longer lifetime of components before they have to be discarded and less corrosion products in the natural environment.

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