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Improved tribology and reduced wear

Industrial designs have to cope with ever more demanding engineering challenges. Among them are increased durability requirements, higher mechanical and temperature loads and changing environments of operation. In many situations, Tribobond™ low friction and wear resistant coatings are the enabling elements to make designs and certain material combinations possible.

Extensive coating portfolio and application know-how

The Tribobond™ portfolio offers a wide selection of PVD, CVD and PACVD wear resistant and low friction coatings for mechanical components employed in the most demanding applications. Ionbond has been providing engineered solutions into many industries for over 40 years and has built up a broad application know-how base.


Ionbond offers engineering support to its customer’s design teams starting with a thorough assessment of the design, including base materials, wear mechanisms, lubrication, temperatures and external influences in order to suggest the best possible coating, including pre-and post- coating finishes.

More than just a coating

To achieve optimal performance, Ionbond employs a number of pre- and post coating surface treatment technologies specifically developed in conjunction with coatings in order to take full advantage of the improved performance that coatings offer.

Duplex coatings

In situations where additional corrosion protection or added hardness of the substrate is required, an electroplated nickel base layer is used. This base layer also acts as a leveling element for a smooth surface.

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