The Surface Engineers

Tribobond™ 01 TiN

Traditional coating for a wide range of component application

Tribobond™ 01 TiN is the most tried and tested of all coatings on the market today. Titanium nitride still is arguably the most popular of PVD coatings helped in the main to its aesthetically pleasing gold colour and it’s well understood and documented properties and performance in over 30 years of industrial use. Its combination of hardness, toughness, wear resistance and inert nature have made this coating the ultimate general purpose coating across a very wide range of applications.

Tribobond™ 01 TiN protects against galling, fretting and adhesive wear. It has a low coefficient of friction against steel and good abrasive wear resistance.

Technical data  
Material TiN
Coating thickness 1.5 - 5 μm
Service Temp. 500 °C
Deposition Temp. 150 - 500 °C
Hardness HV 0.05 2800
Deposition method PVD
Friction vs. steel, dry 0.5
Color gold