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Bernex™ CVA diffusion coatings for turbine blades

Turbine blades are the hottest parts in jet engines and are exposed to extremely tough conditions. Even inside the cooling channels, super alloy based blades are attacked by hot corrosion. Ionbond offers coating services and manufactures CVA equipment to provide maximum protection in such critical areas. The aluminum based diffusion coatings with self-healing features provide extended lifetime to blades. Doped and alloyed coatings are available, in addition to customized solutions to particular needs.

Uniform Coating thickness and environmentally friendly process

As opposed to the conventional pack and out of pack methods the CVA-deposited coatings exhibit uniform and controlled thickness inside cooling channels and on the surface of the blades. The Bernex™ CVA process is environmentally friendly as it leaves no toxic byproducts.

Philippe Ricklin

Sales Manager Equipment
Phone: +41 62 287 85 81

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