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Body components and decorative coatings

Apart from engine, injection and drive train components, many parts on the car body benefit from Tribobond™ PVD and PAVCD functional coatings. The purpose may be the reduction of the need for servicing, the elimination of unwanted noise or the achievement of a more polished look.

Decorative and wear resistant Decobond™ PVD and PACVD coatings on plastic and light alloy components on the inside and outside of the car preserve the perfect look, lasting a lifetime. Ionbond offers a range of standard colors as well as customized tones in order to provide and guarantee the matching of metallic looking components to the other materials used.

Unlike many conventional surface finishes Ionbond’s PVD and PACVD technology is environmentally friendly with no toxic byproducts and waste.

André Hieke

Segment Head Automotive
Phone: +31 77 4 65 65 31

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