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New coating facility in the Portland, Oregon area

26 September 2013

Ionbond is proud to announce the opening of its newest service center for PVD coatings in Wilsonville, Oregon. The modern high-volume plant will specialize in high performance decorative and functional PVD coatings for critical components for sporting goods and other volume applications.

“This facility is part of our overall strategy for establishing focused factories closer to our key customers where we can deliver both surface engineering and coating services,” says Joe Haggerty, CEO of Ionbond. “The new plant in Wilsonville is a mutual benefit for our customers and for Ionbond as it reduces logistical costs and turnaround times of the components and increases engineering collaboration on new products. All of our operations at our Bend, Oregon facility have been transferred to this new facility. Over time we expect this facility to serve not only decorative applications but medical and aerospace customers in the Pacific Northwest region as well.”

Ionbond wear protection and decorative coatings are used in a variety of markets, taking benefit of their extreme high hardness, good adhesion to many different base materials, and environmentally friendly deposition methods.

Darrell Lewis, Business Development Manager, adds “The PVD coatings that we supply from this new facility improve the wear resistance of sporting goods components and we can apply them in various metallic colors and the ever popular black.”

This new facility is part of the ongoing commitment of Ionbond to the US market and will create a number of jobs in the area. Ionbond was able to quickly establish this facility with the assistance of the state and local governments. We look forward to servicing our customers from our new location.