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It’s Olympic Gold for Ionbond

28 March 2012

Ionbond UK Limited is proud to announce that it has been awarded the contract as the finishing partner for both the Olympic and the Paralympic torches.

More than 8,000 golden titanium nitride coated torches will be manufactured for the Olympic torch relay which will be carried by torch bearers around all nations and regions of the UK for more than 70 days before finally opening the 2012 Games in London. The advanced Decobond™ PVD coating consists of a ceramic like material that is applied in a specialized vacuum deposition process. They feature high hardness, heat resistance and allow the tuning of the color tone to the taste of the designer.

Torches for the Paralympic torch relay will be coated in a “mirror” finish deposited using the same technology and looking equally stunning. The torches were designed by London-based Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and are manufactured by Premier Sheet Metal.

“When we developed the design of the torch we did not think about PVD coating technology for the finish, but we have found it to be the only one of several coatings we have tested to offer the features needed” said Edward Barber. “We are excited about the result and will use this technology on future products we design.”

The torch is made from an aluminium alloy; light weight and strong with excellent thermal properties. The 8,000 round perforations symbolizing the number of torch bearers are created with cutting-edge laser technology. They enhance the torch aesthetics whilst improving the torch performance and comfort.

“It has been exciting and challenging to work with all parties involved on this project over recent months. Our engineers did a great job in turning the customer’s expectations into such high profile products.” comments Dr. Christopher Constable, General Manager of Ionbond UK Limited.

Ionbond CEO Joe Haggerty added, “This has been a very demanding project.  The torches have a complex geometry and are quite large in size so not easy to coat.  Chris and his team had to develop special cleaning and coating processes to ensure the coating on each torch is perfect.  We are really proud of our team in the UK and I am sure every employee in the company will be watching the opening ceremonies with anticipation and pride.  The two Olympic torch projects coated in the UK are ideal illustrations of Ionbond’s technical capabilities and flexibility in providing innovative solutions to unique quality-driven projects.”